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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Chore, Diastemata, Fakey Vampires, Majestic

by TonyDoug Wright

Chore, The Coastline Fire (Sonic Unyon, 2002)

THE BAND: Chris Bell (Vocals, Guitar and Piano), Mike Bell (Bass), Mitch Bowden (Vocals and Guitar), and David Dunham (Vocals, Drum Kit and Percussion).

THE HISTORY: The Coastaline Fire is Chore's third CD release for the Canadian label Sonic Unyon. Alex Newport who has worked with bands such as At The Drive In produced the album.

THE REVIEW: While the world of "modern rock radio" churns out uninspired and mindless music, Chore delivers a solid rock album. Musically and lyrically the album is strong from start to finish. This is not your typical CD with a catchy opening number followed by ten to twelve overproduced throwaway numbers. The Coastaline Fire has many standout tracks, such as "The Hitchhiker," "Dog In The Manger" and "Aloha." This album is perhaps one of the finest rock albums of 2002.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Sonic Unyon Recording Company, PO Box 57347, Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON Canada L8P 4X2.,

Diastemata, EP (Mud Memory Records/We Love Records 2001)

THE BAND: Meade Krosby (Guitar and Vocals) and Patrick Mucklow (Drums).

THE HISTORY: Unfortunately, my search for Diastemata bio info resulted in zero information. Please feel free to check out

THE REVIEW: The EP can be best described as an interesting blend of the avant-garde and folk music. Krosby's voice is soothing and beautiful while Mucklow's drumming is a perfect complement to Krosby's impressive guitar playing. Flawed only by a repetitive sound, the EP shows a great deal of talent and promise. "Suckerhole" is perhaps the strongest tune on the EP.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Diastemata, PO Box 11366, Washington, DC 20008.

The Fakey Vampires, Administer the Loving Touch (Olive Records 2002)

THE BAND: Dan Corcoran (Guitars and Vocals) and Xtian Spencer (Drums and Vocals).

THE HISTORY: Dan Corcoran and Xtian Spencer, former members of the Dayton, OH band Mercury Pusher, joined forces in early 2002 to create The Fakey Vampires. Although Xtian Spencer recently moved to Oakland, California, the band currently plans to send demo tapes back-and-forth to keep The Fakey Vampires among the living.

THE REVIEW: Administer The Loving Touch sounds very much like a long lost live recording of a classic CBGB's show. The Fakey Vampires rough and gritty style could earn them comparisons to bands such as The Strokes or White Stripes. Be a good rock'n'roll fan and buy this CD because every song delivers with a swift kick in the ass.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Olive Records, 2122 Burnside Dr., Dayton, OH 45439.

Majestic, Wake Up, Come Out and Play! (Shelflife Records 2001)

THE BAND: Steve Berrett (Bass and Harmonies), Peter Quinnel (Drums and Extra Guitars), Scott Schultz (Vocals, Percussion and Theramin), Sarah Windes (Vocals) and Ruth Schultz (Harmonies).

THE HISTORY: The origins of Majestic can be traced to California circa 1995 when they were a pop band of diverse styles known as Majestic 12. Changes occurred in 1997 when Jana Wittren, former lead singer, left the band, leaving the remaining members to reinvent themselves as an orchestrated pop band. The group was renamed Majestic and in 1998 released a CD entitled Live It Up. Additional bio, music and news information can be found at their website.

THE REVIEW: Wake Up, Come Out and Play is basically a sugary sweet 1960's California pop album. The high-points can be found on the "warm and fuzzy feel" tracks such as "Tumbling," "Come Out and Play," "Malibu U" and "Wake Up." Although Wake Up, Come Out and Play has that snappy pop flavor, it does not deviate from the path. Majestic is not the kind of band that is going to give the listener an album filled with distorted guitars or drum solos. Instead, Majestic gives you some happy horns and a steady fix of "woo-hoo-hooo's". For those of you who need comparisons, you can find similarities on this Majestic album to Beulah, Of Montreal, Chris Stamey and The Paley Brothers.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Majestic, 2001 Oxford Ave #3, Fullerton, CA 92831.

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