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table of contents | april 2002

interviews and features

Rock As Exploration: An Interview With Spiral Stairs of Preston School of Industry by dave heaton

"A Mystery's Going On Inside Our Heads": A Mark Mulcahy Interview by dave heaton

A Voice From Heaven: Interview With Monica Queen by anna battista

Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy: A journey to planet Creeping Bent by anna battista

Blame It On the Scenery: Reubens Accomplice Interviewed by ryan mckee

Anthems That'll Rock You: Interview with Mike Downey of The National Splits by dave heaton

Into the Mystic: Q&A With Joe Knapp of Son, Ambulance by dave heaton

Scoring for Liverpool: Interview with writer Kevin Sampson by anna battista

Diamonds Are Forever: A brief descent into the world of precious stones by anna battista

Reclaim Your Media: a day in Rome in the name of freedom by anna battista

In the Spires of the Empire: a lesson by Toni Negri by anna battista

about film

Movie Reviews: Amores Perros, Black Hawk Down, Bully, Donnie Darko, Dragonfly, Gosford Park, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, I Am Sam, Ice Age, In the Bedroom, John Q, Joy Ride, Lisa Picard Is Famous, Orange County, The Royal Tenenbaums, Series 7: The Contenders, Showtime, We Were Soldiers by jerry salisbury

about music

The Real Thing: 26 Years of Midnight Oil by dan heaton

Brandon's New Music Roundup: Bob Mould, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Enon, Dianogah, Weezer, Mum, White Hassle, Plaid, Bardo Pond, Cex by brandon bentley

She's Not That Innocent music critique by matthew webber

TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Chore, Diastemata, Fakey Vampires, Majestic by tonydoug wright

J-Live, All of the Above reviewed by dave heaton

My Morning Jacket, At Dawn, Chocolate and Ice reviewed by ryan mckee, dave heaton

Melodic Pop-Rock Magic: Garfields Birthday, Suicide Cat and Marlowe reviewed by dave heaton

Gomez, In Our Gun reviewed by erin hucke

...and you will know us by the trail of dead, Source Tags & Codes reviewed by ryan mckee

ballboy, Club Anthems reviewed by dave heaton

All the Dead Pilots, Easily Lost in the Present reviewed by jonathan dirksen

Langley School Music Project, Innocence and Despair reviewed by erin hucke

24 Reviews of Music: Aarktica, Airport 5, All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1, Auburn Lull, Bad Religion, Belle and Sebastian, Below the Sea/The Relict, Blanket Music, Billy Bragg & the Blokes, Carolyn Mark and Her Room-mates Present a Tribute to the Soundtrack to Robert Altman's Nashville, The Clientele, Clinic, Departure Lounge, Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown, Fine China, For Friends: Tomlab + Audio Dregs, Futurism, M. Gira/D. Matz, Go Back Snowball, The Hotwires, The Icicles, In the Beginning There Was Rhythm, Landspeedrecord!/Prosolar Mechanics, Larsen by dave heaton, anna battista

24 More Reviews of Music: Mary Lou Lord, The Lucksmiths, Dale Maxfield, Midnight Oil, Mm, The New Pornographers, The New Year's Resolutions, Paco DJ, Phoebe Quest, Postal Blue, Monica Queen, Radiogram, The Reputation, Saloon, Sportique, Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair, Teenbeat Sampler 2002, The Tennessee Twin, Things in Herds, T-Minus Band, Tosca, Uncletoe's Portasound, Mns Wieslander, The Windmills by dave heaton, anna battista, jonathan dirksen

about other things

Book Reviews [Books by Anthony Bourdain, Robert H. Davies, Howard Marks, Kevin Sampson] by anna battista

XO a short story by matthew webber

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Photo: A closeup of a cavernous star coral (Montastrea Kavernosa), courtesy of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.