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by tonydoug wright

The Foolish, Brunch of Champions (Red Nail Music, 2005)

THE BAND: Bunk Nesbit (Instruments and Vocals)

THE HISTORY: The Foolish is a new musical project from Bunk Nesbit (formerly of Murray the Cop, Legoland, Loaded For Bear and The Skipping Class). Brunch of Champions will be released sometime this month by Nesbit's independent DIY label Red Nail Music.

THE REVIEW: During the mid-nineties I was on a major trading mission for Guided by Voices and 'Mats (The Replacements) bootlegs. I had a decent collection of bootlegs, demos and rarities that I was willing to trade for other GBV or 'Mats shows. Sometimes I would trade these shows or demos for CDs or tapes from people who had their own bands. One of the people that contacted me was Bunk Nesbit who at the time was the lead singer of the West Virginia based band Murray The Cop.

A few weeks passed by and I received my copy of Murray the Cop's album titled Bugtussle. I placed the CD on top of my stereo where it sat for over a month without being played. One day I realized that I had to listen to the Murray the Cop CD so I placed it in my stereo and was immediately blown away by Bunk Nesbit's DIY pop-rock masterpiece. To this very day I consider it one of the best DIY independent albums that I have ever heard.

The Foolish is a new project by Bunk Nesbit, and his first album Brunch of Champions still has the DIY pop-rock feel of Murray the Cop but with more of a synth-rock influence. "I Know The Stars", the album's opening track, is a seven-minute psychedelic journey that could be mistaken for The Green Pajamas. From there the album continues its heavy synth-pop-rock progression with "Crumble", "Quiet!" and "I'm Hip To Your Suffering". But The Foolish also explores the hip-hop world with the very catchy and danceable "We The Cool" that features a little bit of a "Everybody get your hands up!" sample.

Breakfast of Champions is another successful project from Bunk Nesbit, who seems to improve as a singer and songwriter with every release. There are a few tracks on this album that demand radio airplay, such as "Twigs" and "The First Thing To Go".


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