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by tonydoug wright

Dub Trub 2: The Peacemakers by Carter Allen (Candle Light Press 2005)

Sequels sometimes fail to live up to the greatness of their predecessors. Seriously folks, did we really need Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey or Eddie and The Cruisers II? Fortunately for writer and artist Carter Allen we are treated to an action-packed sequel with Dub Trub 2: The Peacemakers. This continuation of Dub Trub: Our World Is In Danger Now! is a great page-turner that has the reader following the exploits of two tough-as-nails female alien fighters named Agent Red and Agent Black.

The story takes place in the future where the planet is unified to defeat an alien known as The Voyd, a race hell-bent on destroying Earth. Red and Black are the only hope for humanity in winning the war against The Voyd and it seems that the odds are stacked against our two sassy heroines but this time they have the aid of their cowboy pilot Rex and a lovely “Sheila” from Australia named Tawny.

Dub Trub 2 is a little bit of comedy, all-out-action and sci-fi fantasy wrapped up in a military propaganda publication. Carter Allen’s artwork is very slick and it still has influences from 50’s Sci-Fi but with a touch of video game animation and modern animation (i.e. Samurai Jack). There are some comic books and graphic novels take action and violence to the point of overkill but Dub Trub 2 is one of those exceptions where you do not mind page after page of gunfights and explosions.


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