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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: The Buckners, They Walk in Line

by tonydoug wright

the Buckners, See You in Court (self-released, 2004)

The Band: Luke McInnis (Vocals and Guitar), James G. Collins (Vocals and Bass), Anthony M. Dintino (Drums) and Donald S. Woodward (Guitar).

The History: The Buckners is a New England area band that has also released Orange EP (2000) and Betty (1997).

The Review: There was a time when the People’s Court was the only TV show that featured an ex-judge resolving the most petty and ridiculous issues between neighbors, co-workers, relatives and lovers. Over the past five years it seems that the TV universe has become littered with a plethora of ex-judges who feel that they can add their own brand of justice and solve more ridiculous and petty issues. Be careful whom you date or borrow a power tool from because they might send you to Judge Billy Bob’s Wild West Justice.

The Buckners might want to see you in court but they probably would like for you to hear their See You In Court CD of alternative rock instrumentation and nerdy vocals first. This release contains only six songs but ‘Here Comes Your Boyfriend’, the opening track to See You In Court, is truly the standout song that does a great job of opening the albums. Sure the song will be stuck in your head all afternoon but the rest of See You In Court does not really match the strength of ‘Here Comes Your Boyfriend’. The Buckners are definitely worth the listen if you are into bands such as Weezer and They Might Be Giants.


They Walk in Line, Medical Necessities (Rock Ridge Music, 2005)

The Band: Michael Romero (Guitar and Vocals), Paul Bayze (Bass Guitar), Kevin Kolpien (Guitar) and Niaz (Drums and Percussion).

The History: Originally known as Gravity, They Walk In Line came together in 2001 as a writing project for four like-minded Los Angeles musicians. In 2003 the band released The Gravity EP and in 2004 they released the All Mine EP. They Walk In Line signed with Rock Ledge Music in 2004.

The Review: Medical Necessities was sent to me in a package of miscellaneous CDs for review from Dave Heaton, fearless leader and editor of Erasing Clouds. The CD from They Walk In Line did not feature any artwork or track listings; it was just a sleeve with THEY WALK IN LINE and MEDICAL NECESSITIES printed on the CD. At first I thought Dave had sent me some kind of medical school CD by mistake but I soon realized that it was something for me to review.

They Walk In Line’s Medical Necessities is an adventure in fuzzy guitars and vocals that are reminiscent of Grant Hart. Medical Necessities is definitely a rock album that draws its influence from mid-90s alterative rock favorites Dinosaur, Jr. and Guided By Voices. There are some enjoyable tracks such as ‘Heart Attack At 5 AM’, ‘Medical Necessities’ and ‘All Mine’ but the album also features a few forgettable tracks as well. Overall, Medical Necessities is a decent debut release from the Los Angeles based They Walk In Line.


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