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Coldcut, Sound Mirrors

reviewed by anna battista

Who said that Jonathan More and Matt Black, better known as Coldcut, were running out of steam? Whoever did it was out of their minds, since Coldcut’s latest album proves that the two guys are still the best when it comes to creating mind-blowing music.

The first single and first track on this splendid album is the energetic "Everything Is Under Control," featuring Jon Spencer (from the Blues Explosion) and iconoclastic hip-hop figure Mike Ladd. The track is followed by "True Skool," characterised by a Bhangra-like rhythm and vocals courtesy of Roots Manuva. At this point many of you will be wondering if, perhaps, Coldcut missed their opportunity to keep alive the attention of the listener, using two tracks with such special guests to open this album. But more surprises are to follow: indeed, most of the tracks on Sound Mirrors feature tremendous guests. The second single taken from this album, "Man In A Garage," features singer/songwriter/violinist and composer John Matthias, who adds to the broken cut’n’paste rhythms by Coldcut, a touch of melancholy thanks to his calm and sensual voice. "Walk A Mile" features the legendary Robert Owens; a wonderful piece of writing by Saul Williams complements the mesmerising rhythms of "Mr Nichols."

While the ambient and hypnotising mood created with this song continues on the title track, which boasts delicate and refined sounds, “Boogieman” echoes the best techno tracks ever produced and also features the words of legendary Black American poet Amiri Baraka. More house and dancefloor hits follow with "This Island Earth", featuring Mpho Skeef, and the club anthem "Just For The Kick," with lyrics by Annette Peacock. There’s also space for a political attack on the aid industry with "Aid Dealer", featuring Mercury-nominee and self-taught alto saxophonist Soweto Kinch, followed by "Whistle And Prayer" with Andrew Broder aka Fog singing melancholy lyrics while in the background an eerie and slightly spooky soundscape can be heard. "Colours The Soul," with vocals by Dom Spitzer, closes the album with a psychedelic touch.

Sound Mirrors is a stunning record that blends different genres of music and introduces Coldcut’s fans to a great cast of guests. Definitely not to be missed.


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