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Coldcut, "Man In A Garage"

reviewed by anna battista

Still a few weeks to go before the release of Coldcut's new album Sound Mirrors, but if you feel you can't wait for such a long time and you're having withdrawal symptoms from Coldcut's music, look no further than this way.

The second single taken from their album, the follow up to the superb "Everything Is Under Control", features John Matthias, and it's a brilliant track part folk, part r'n'b. Bristol-based singer/songwriter/violinist and composer Matthias - whose album Smalltown, Shining was released on Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records - adds to the broken cut'n'paste rhythms by Coldcut, a touch of melancholy thanks to his calm and sensual voice. "Man In A Garage" is the sort of track that has the power to get into your mind and stay there forever. The b-side remixes included in this release are also very exciting: Snap Ant presents an electro-rockish cover of the single that at time echoes David Bowie; Bonobo turns the track into an excellent dance remix; Daedelus reworks the track into a triumph of wonderful psychedelia while Lemon Jelly's Nick Franglen stretches the song to a seven minute eerie hypnotic epic.

"Man In A Garage" is a further reminder that Coldcut's new album will be another magnificent collection of stunning tracks. You're warned: it will be a shame to miss this single and a crime to miss the album.


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