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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: 6 Minute Mile, Dark Little Rooms, Morning Spy and Terminus Victor

by tonydoug wright

6 Minute Mile, The Race for Second (Sonic Boom Recordings, 2003)

THE BAND: Jason Hughes (Guitar and Vocals), Chuck Connell (Bass and Vocals) and Jeff Roeser (Drums).


6 Minute Mile is heavily influenced by the 1980's Minneapolis, MN sound but hails from Seattle, WA. The Race for Second is their debut album, and was produced by Graig Markel (New Sweet Breath and Tagging Satellites).

THE REVIEW: The Race for Second is a great debut CD by 6 Minute Mile. "Not So Strong" kicks off the album with the drive and enthusiasm almost equal to that of The Replacements or Not Rebecca. "And You Call it Shelter" and "Pilot" are excellent rock tracks that should be played at a maximum level. 6 Minute Mile slows it down but still delivers with two melancholic tracks "Fire on the Moon" and "December". Take a chance and check out The Race for Second.


Dark Little Rooms, Dark Little Rooms EP (self-released, 2003)

THE BAND: Kevin Cornell, Scott Crowder, David Jones and Ian Whalen.

THE HISTORY: It has been the mission of this Richmond, VA band to propel the "piano rock driven" songs of Scott Crowder into the mainstream. Dark Little Rooms has shamelessly borrowed quite a bit from the past 40 years of rock and roll. The Dark Little Rooms EP was recorded and released by the band in 2003.

THE REVIEW: Dark Little Rooms have put out an EP with some soul and maturity. The tunes are piano driven but this is nothing like your dad's John Tesh CD. Something comes out in this album that makes you want to hear more. The EP opens with the hypnotic "Losers Game," which is followed by the Tom Petty-ish "Wanted it Simple." "Colder Before it's Warmer" has a great 70's rock and soul feel while "God Given" has a more modern "city at night" groove. Probably the best CD I have reviewed this year.


Morning Spy, self-titled (self-released, 2003)

THE BAND: Allison Goffman (Vocals and Guitar), Mark Loftin (Drums and Percussion) and Jon Rooney (Bass, Guitar and Vocals).

THE HISTORY: Morning Spy is a San Francisco band formed by Mark Loftin and Jon Rooney in 2001. Allison Goffman was soon added and a demo CD followed. Morning Spy recently added James Spadaro on guitar.

THE REVIEW: Before I review a CD, I take the opportunity to read any press or bio information provided by the band. Morning Spy listed bands such as Yo La Tengo and Galaxie 500 as influences on their music. The Galaxie 500 influence is very obvious when you listen to songs such as "Accidental Stars" and "All Romance". Both songs come across more as covers than originals. One of the more interesting tracks on the CD is "Please Stay Out Late" due to the main riff sounding very much like Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" (although not as loud, angry or distorted). Not bad for a demo, but I would expect more if it were a studio album.


Terminus Victor, Mastering the Revels (Innocent Words, 2002)

THE BAND: Scott Kimble (Vocals, Bass and Drum Machine) and Don King (Guitars and Drum Machine).

THE HISTORY: This Champaign, IL duo has been performing together since 1999.

THE REVIEW: Mastering the Revels is the kind of CD that your industrial rock college roommate would crank at high levels while studying for some engineering exam. Terminus Victor is not a true industrial band like Ministry or KMFDM because they have more of an 80's hard rock and metal edge. Their unique style creates a CD where Paul Stanley meets Al Jourgensen. Unfortunately, the mix of Stanley and Jourgensen makes Mastering the Revels something that is more dated than groundbreaking or cutting edge.


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