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Trash Can Sinatras, live @ Brel Bar, Glasgow, Scotland, 22 May 2003

by anna battista

Geography is a point in space and time. But space and time are irrelevant concepts nowadays: you can relatively be wherever you want whenever you want. That's perhaps why tonight Trash Can Sinatras seem to have destroyed any kind of boundary geography might set, summoning up people from all over the world for this very special and intimate gig. There are people from Britain, the States and Italy, but to mention a few countries, in the crammed Brel Bar terrace and they're all here for the Trashcans.

After a reclusive period, Trash Can Sinatras are back in full form, with a new double CD released in March 2003 and compiled from old cassettes, demos and other assorted recordings. Tonight they're ready to play old favourites and new tracks: the set starts with "Freetime" and by the time Frank has reached the chorus we're all completely lost in worshipping mood.

The set is divided in two parts, so there is plenty of time for well-known hits such as "The Safecracker", "The Best Man's Fall", "Easy Read", "Obscurity Knocks" and "How Can I Apply…?" Frank is passionately singing and playing, constantly keeping his eyes closed to concentrate on the tracks, helped on the vocals by John on the guitar and Stephen on the drums. Outside the rain is monotonously falling and the branches and leaves of a tree outside, pregnant with water, plaster themselves to the glass roof of the terrace, as if the tree were asking to be let in, Wuthering-Heights-style, to listen to the Trashcans.

More tracks follow and among them there's also "What Women Do To Men", that sounds like a reversed version of Aztec Camera's "How Men Are". When the band launches in "The Therapist" our hearts break because the "time's up…bye bye see you later" refrain means that the Trashcans have reached the end of their set. We would like them to keep on playing forever, because they have "worked a miracle", but to quote one of their tracks, neutralising space, time and nationality in the name of a passion, music, and in the name of a band, Trash Can Sinatras.

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