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table of contents | january 2003

interviews and features

Meet the Punk Postman: Interview With Vic Godard by anna battista

Young David: Spotlight on Director David Mackenzie by anna battista

A Hybrid Form of Pop: An Interview With Namelessnumberheadman by dave heaton

Let's Take a Trip: The Quiet American's One Minute Vacations by dave heaton

Of Trucks, Trains, Tractors and Monorails: visiting the Monorail record shop with Stephen Pastel and Duglas T. Stewart by anna battista

Keeping Rock Alive: An Interview With Duke Fame by dave heaton

Made in Scotland: Interview with Sweet Sixteen screenwriter Paul Laverty by anna battista

about film

The Films of Martin Scorsese by dan heaton

Movie Reviews: 8 Mile, Auto Focus, Bowling for Columbine, Femme Fatale, The Grey Zone, The Ring, The Rules of Attraction, Secretary, Star Trek: Nemesis, White Oleander by jerry salisbury

The Structure of Art (Michael Snow and Michael Kirby) by jeffrey w. ruggles

about music

Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory, Mudpuddle Park, Wy'east Can't Sleep, Super 8 Soundtrack reviewed by dave heaton

Titan Moon, Postcard Republic reviewed by heather tylock

An Evening at the Whiskey by heather tylock

TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Michael, Spiv, Sprawl by tonydoug wright

Lose yourself in the 8 Mile soundtrack review by matthew webber

Missy Elliott Works It review by matthew webber

Wow!: MC Paul Barman Is Freaky, Cheeky, Geeky review by matthew webber

Christina Aguilera: "Dirrty" or "Beautiful"? by matthew webber

The Angels of Light, Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home reviewed by dave heaton

The Carribean, History's First Know-It-All reviewed by dave heaton

Tobin Sprout, Lost Planets & Phantom Voices reviewed by dave heaton

26 Reviews of Music: Air Formation, Anthemic Pop Wonder, The Arrogants, Artisokka, Atomic 7, Ross Beach, Bon Voyage, Bronze, California Snow Story, Calla, Circus Devils, Coronet Blue, The Damn Personals/The Kickovers, The Damnwells, The Dirtmitts, Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again, Shari Elf, Amy Fabry, Fairburn Royals, Simon Felton, D. Henry Felton, The Gay, A Gift From a Garden to a Flower, Vic Godard & Subway Sect, Good For You, The Guild League by dave heaton, scott homewood, anna battista

25 More Reviews of Music: HiM, I'm Gonna Watch the Bluebirds Fly Over My Shoulder, Jonathan Inc., Junkbunny, Kosmonaut, The Lucksmiths, Dale Maxfield, Melodie Group, John Moremen, Jennifer O'Connor, Palestine/Coulter/Mathoul, Photon Band, Pipas, Potion, Primitive Painter, Razorcuts, The Sinking Ships, Slick Fifty Seven, Summer at Shatter Creek, Jenny Toomey, Ultra Living, Ultramarine, The Violents, The Wakeups, Susumu Yokota by dave heaton

about other things

Book Reviews [Kirk Alex, Daniel Clowes, Neil Gaiman, Jamming With Aleksander Zograf] by anna battista, dave heaton

Hip Hop Lit: A Review of Hip Hop America by Nelson George by matthew webber

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