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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: DC to Daylight, Heth, Lookwell

by TonyDoug Wright

DC to Daylight, XMas Murder 74 (Urban Cheese Records, 2002)

THE BAND: Warren Hauff (Vocals and Instruments), Tom Nelson (Drums and Instruments) and Steve Crane (Instruments).

THE HISTORY: Xmas Murder '74 is the debut CD from the San Jose, CA band DC to Daylight.

THE REVIEW: These guys have a Nirvana groove and a lead singer that sounds somewhat similar to Pavement's Stephen Malkmus. "Just a Joke" and "Like a Man" have the grungy guitar sounds with some Cobain-like wails. Every song reminds me of the "alternative rock" radio days of the mid to late 1990s. If Local H, Marcy Playground, Weezer and The Presidents of the United States of America are your cup of tea, then this is your album. The Xmas Murder '74 CD contains two videos, for the songs "Like a Man" and "My Way to Hell".


Heth, Clean (Revel Ray Records)

THE BAND: Heth (Vocals, Guitars and Synths) and Jed Weinstein (Bass, Guitar, Synths, Background Vocals and Cubase Engineer).

THE HISTORY: Heth (whose full name is Heth Weinstein) has released his second CD Clean on his Rebel Ray Records label. This album was co-produced and mixed by Jamie Candiloro (REM and Courtney Love).

THE REVIEW: This is a good example of a CD that leaves me wondering, "Why is this guy not on a major label?" Clean may only have six tracks, but they are six incredibly strong tracks with major radio-play potential. "Falling Together" instantly reminded me of an INXS song because Heth's voice has a nice touch of Michael Hutchence. "Homegrown," quite possibly the best song on the CD, is incredibly catchy and smooth. I am definitely placing this album on my "Best of 2003" list.


Lookwell, Unhurried (Eskimo Kiss Records 2003)

THE BAND: Chris Jackson (Vocals and Guitar), Jason Kennedy (Bass, Keyboard and Vocals) and Lonnie Richardson (Drums and Vocals).

THE HISTORY: Chris Jackson and Jason Kennedy formed Lookwell during the spring of 1999. Lonnie Richardson was later added as the band's drummer. The Greensboro, NC trio released an EP entitled I'm Blinking, You're Blue prior to signing with Eskimo Kiss Records.

THE REVIEW: Unhurried is a fantastic five-song EP that mixes REM with Robert Pollard's (Guided by Voices) Fading Captain works. Tracks such as "Autobahn" and "Painted Seats" are completely dreamy in their sounds. "Pencil Me In" is the final track, but it is a perfect ending to Unhurried. This EP does not have any "down time" or tracks that can be skipped rather than heard. Highly recommended.


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