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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Apehouse, Readymade

by TonyDoug Wright

Ape House, Four Song Demo EP (Croft-Tone Records, 2001)

THE BAND: J. Forte (Vocals and Guitar), Gil Hegwood (Lead Guitar), GP Shook (Drums) and Steve Shook (Bass).

THE HISTORY: It is known to all good Ape House fans that J. Forte and Steve Shook formed the band in the spring of 2001. Gil Hegwood and GP Shook joined the band shortly after its conception. The band soon began rocking out in the Maryland-Virginia area, and has no signs of stopping. It is strongly encouraged to check out their witty bio at

THE REVIEW: Ape House's EP is a fine example of good old-fashioned power-pop music. "Chicks Dig Speed," the first song on the EP, has the workings of a lost Undertones tune. "Yeah" gives the listener a more refined pop tune a la Matthew Sweet, while "Sweet Connection" and "Not In A Band" have the sassy power-pop character of Too Much Joy. Great song writing and melody is what makes Ape House's demo EP great. The band has a great deal of potential to release a great full-length album. If you are not sure that you want to get the EP, then check out the free music downloads at their web site.


Baby Carrot, Play Every Day (Some Guy Down the Street Records, 2000)

THE BAND:Dave Power (Guitar and Vocals), Andy Chapman (Bass) and Dennis Galway (Drums and Backing Vocals).

THE HISTORY: Baby Carrot hails from San Francisco, CA and has spent the last 8 years playing their self-described "three-person guitar pop." Play Every Day is the band's first full-length release, which was mainly recorded and produced, in the band's 16-track studio. Oren Williams, former drummer for the Portland, OR band Worthington, replaced Dennis Galway on drums in July 2000.

THE REVIEW: Play Every Day is an impressive debut album due to the band's ability to give the listener a tasty little rock sampler. Feel free to turn up the volume on the straightforward rocking tunes of "Bet A Nickel," "Sandblock" and "Forgot To Read." Sit back and enjoy the beautiful folk song "Deciding Time." Baby Carrot goes beyond the two to three minute pop songs and delivers strong with the epic jam numbers "Kids These Days" and "Cardboard Suit." Let's hope that Baby Carrot does not take another 8 years to deliver the rock goodies.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Some Guy Down the Street, PO Box 420455, San Francisco, CA 94142-0455 (

Readymade, On Point and Red (Endearing Records, 2001)

THE BAND:Arch (Voice and Guitar), Kevin Hilts (Synths), Throwen Daggers (Bass), Dr. Roberts (Drums) and D.T. (Chairman Of The Mixboard).


The Readymade bio notes that the band formed during the summer 1995 in Vancouver. Since their inception, the band has released some EPs and albums such as For Every Fledgling 12th Floor Jumper and The Dramatic Balanced. To date, Readymade's biggest success was from the 1999 7" entitled The Block Alone. On Point And Red is the band's first release following a one-year period of inactivity.

THE REVIEW: If I were given the task of awarding a band "2001 Record Of The Year", I would give the award to Readymade for On Point And Red. This is a beautiful album of guitar layers, synths, wonderful lyrics and distant vocals. The band's music goes beyond the usual three-minute pop song and transports the listener to a tranquil landscape similar to Flying Saucer Attack and Luna. A few tracks that stand out on the album are "Sam," "A Blind Tomorrow" and "Terminal Sounds At Night."

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Readymade, (also check out the web site for Endearing Records).

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