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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Tangelo, Would-Be-Goods

by TonyDoug Wright

Tangelo, Year of Saturdays (Isochromatic, 2002)

THE BAND:Patrick Bradley (Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Penny Whistle, Chimes, Cello and Metal Things), Eric Sebby (Bass, Backing Vocals and Percussion) and Pawl Tisdale (Drums, Percussion, Trumpet and Backing Vocals).

THE HISTORY: Tangelo's beginnings can be traced back to 1997 at a Border's bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska. Although Patrick Bradley and Eric Sebby were involved in different musical projects, they found time to collaborate. In 1998, Isochromatic released a compilation CD entitled Mind Forged, which featured some early Tangelo tunes. The band spent the next few years playing gigs and perfecting their sound. A Year Of Saturdays is the band's 2002 release, and they are proud to note that their recording budget was zero.

THE REVIEW: A Year Of Saturdays is a groovy folk rock odyssey. This is the kind of album you will hear on the speakers at a hip little coffeehouse or while shopping for Birkenstocks. Have no fear; this is not a Phish album. In all seriousness, Tangelo is able to mix an accessible folk sound with true rock experimentation. Songs are available for download at My suggestion is to download "Sugarloaf," the album's best tune.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Tangelo, 15706 Hickory St., Omaha NE 68130-2526

Would-Be-Goods, Brief Lives (Fortuna Pop!/Matinee Recordings 2002)

THE BAND:Jessica Griffin (Vocals and Guitar), Peter Momtchiloff (Bass and Guitar), Orson Presence (Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone and String Arrangements) and Jim Kimberely (Drums).

THE HISTORY: Brief Lives is the third album released by Would-Be-Goods. The London based band has earned a worldwide cult status due to their talented lead singer and songwriter Jessica Griffin. Check out and for additional news, tour dates and merchandise.

THE REVIEW: Unfortunately, sophisticated pop tunes do not always crack into the American music charts. Would-Be-Goods latest release entitled Brief Lives is a unique mix of folk, classical and jazz wrapped up in a world of lovers and aristocrats. Brief Lives contains many great songs such as "Mystery Jones," "Vivre sa vie," "Richard III" and "A Season In Hell." This album is definitely worth checking out.

TO CONTACT THE BAND: Fortuna Pop! Records, PO Box 6498, Leicester LE2 1WU UK

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