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TonyDoug's CD Review: Modulator

by tonydoug wright

Modulator, Don't Hold Out on Me EP (2004)

THE BAND: Julie Omran Zamora (Lead Vocals and Synthesizer), Jennifer Mergele (Electric Piano, Synthesizer and Back-Up Vocals), Ronnie Spozio (Guitar) and Tom Lively (Bass).

THE HISTORY: Modulator is a five-piece band from Houston, TX. Ex-Psychedelic Furs keyboardist Ed Buller, who has also produced albums by Pulp and Suede, produced Don’t Hold Out On Me.

THE REVIEW: Don’t Hold Out On Me is a three song EP that is sure to conquer the techno-geek eurotrash market. Modulator gets the party started with ‘Major Malfunction’, a track that tries too hard to rock. ‘You’re So Analog’ and ‘Don’t Hold Out On Me’ follow the starchy Modulator nerd-rock formula of bland repetition.

WHAT MY INDIE-ROCK-HATING BOSS THINKS: “This is what would happen if The Sims could sing.”


Issue 29, December 2004

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