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Live Review: Trashcan Sinatras at the Cottier Theatre, 5th November 2004, Glasgow, Scotland

reviewed by anna battista

Eight years can be long, very long and unbearable, but, as this gig shows, loyal fans know how to patiently wait. Besides, Trashcan Sinatras’ fans are particularly loyal and patient when it comes to waiting. This is the first gig the band play in Glasgow to promote their new album Weightlifting (the first proper album since 1996), after their American tour, and after the Glasgow gigs in June 2003/04. You might argue that the intimacy of Brel Bar where the Trashcans played some of their best gigs last year is a bit lost in a bigger venue such as the Cottier Theatre, but the band definitely know how to fill empty spaces with a good vibe.

Tonight there’s safety in numbers as Roddy Hart (who opened the gig earlier on) joins the Trashcans on keyboards and guitar. The set includes new and old tracks, so while new gems such as “Got Carried Away”, “Leave Me Alone” and the heart breaking “Trouble Sleeping” are graceful, melodic and melancholic numbers, “How Can I Apply?”, “I’ve Seen Everything” and “Only Tongue Can Tell” are more upbeat.

Frank sings with great passion as usual, lost in the lyrics and the music (and also tries to convince Paul to sing "I Must Fly", without succeeding). John plays and beatifically smiles at a few couples dancing in front of the stage while Davy, Paul and Stephen look happy and contented.

“Hayfever” and “The Safecracker” are among the best songs of the night: both of them receive enthusiastic cheers from the loving crowd, clapping and singing in unison with Frank. The Trashcans close the encore to this gig that featured around twenty tracks (all of them performed with great ease, professionalism and dedication), with “The Therapist”. “Time’s up…” Frank sings, hand to his forehead to salute the audience. It’s always great to see Trashcan Sinatras playing live, but when they are at their best, like tonight, it’s even greater.

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