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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Ela, Skating Club

by tonydoug wright

Ela, Stapled to Air (Third Earth Music, 2003)

THE BAND: Bill Caperton, Sean McPherson and Peter Legget.


Ela is a Minneapolis based trio that was formed in 2002. The hip-hop label Third Earth Music released Stapled To Air.

THE REVIEW: The kids really dig that emo music and Ela’s Stapled To Air is for the most part an emo album but it does contain some great rock moments. A few songs “Worry Worry”, “I Don’t Know If/It’s Helping” and “Cuts and Stars” are standouts plus they are surrounded by some decent tracks. Stapled To Air is definitely worth the listen.


Skating Club, The Unfound Sound EP (Kimchee Records, 2004)

THE BAND: Aubrey Anderson

THE HISTORY: A former member of Difference Engine and The Westerlies, Aubrey Anderson began a solo career and named his “band” the Skating Club. In 2001, Skating Club was released to rave reviews, which earned Anderson the opportunity to open for Mission of Burma. The Unfound Sound is the third album for the Skating Club.

THE REVIEW: The Unfound Sound is a fantastic album that is as calm and beautiful as walking along the beach on a clear night. I think I just burned up my monthly cliché minutes in that last sentence so I better make the rest of this review count. Aubrey Anderson’s vocals remind me somewhat of Matthew Sweet and it blends well with the layers of music and noise on tracks such as ‘Beach Tar Footsie’, ‘Headphones and Distance’ and ‘Panic and Doubt’. The Unfound Sound is a great singer-songwriter album with eleven magnificent tracks that refuses to disappoint.


Issue 28, November 2004

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