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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: The M's, Pleasant Stitch

by tonydoug wright

The M's, The M's (Brilliante Records, 2004)

THE BAND: Joshua Chicoine, Robert Hicks, Joey King and Steve Versaw

THE HISTORY: The M’s began their career in a Chicago basement sometime in 2000. Two years later, The M’s released an EP that earned them gigs with acts such as Wilco, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Electric Six.

THE REVIEW: It appears that The M’s accomplished a great deal in their dark little Chicago basement because their eponymous release is absolutely fantastic. ‘Dirty Old Dog’, the album’s opening track, marches out with a Brit-Rock beat and a “cockier than thou” attitude. This swaggering approach is backed up with an incredible mix of the 60’s British Invasion and 70’s Glam scene. ‘Break Our Bones’, ‘2 x 2’ and ‘Maggie’ are three tremendously slick songs that cry out for radio airplay. But The M’s do not paint themselves into a corner with their British Invasion and Glam influences. Oh no. ‘There Is Work’ and ‘The End Is Still The A’ reflects a band that is proud of their influences but at the same time is willing to embrace something modern. Get up and rejoice because The M’s are here to rock and roll.


Pleasant Stitch, Capacitor (R 81, 2002)

THE BAND: Bob DeMaa (synthesizer programming, guitars and keys), Carty Fox (bass, synths, samplers and electronics), Sarah-Jane (lyrics and vocals), Will Pierce (electronic percussion and synth) and Robert Luna (drums).

THE HISTORY: Bob DeMaa, Will Pierce and Carty Fox formed Pleasant Stitch, a Twin Cities based band, in 1997. The group was soon completed with the addition of Sarah-Jane on vocals. Pleasant Stitch released a self-titled CD in 2000 that charted in 30 U.S. college radio stations. In 2002, Pleasant Stitch released a five song EP titled Capacitor.

THE REVIEW: Capacitor is an unenthusiastic Björk-influenced EP with good vocals and tiresome music. The EP starts off well with a Rites of Spring cover titled ‘Theme’ but the remainder of Capacitor goes into an autopilot mode of lukewarm tunes. This EP would have benefited from a few upbeat tracks to break up the monotony.


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