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Black Time, Blackout

reviewed by anna battista

Close your eyes. Now think about what would happen if Noam Chomsky, Eldridge Cleaver, George Jackson, James Baldwin and Che Guevara formed a punk rock band. I suspect that half of you have right now opened your eyes...thinking the result would be a hellish nightmare. But there is the other half of you keeping your eyes closed, dreaming about what such a strange combo would sound like and what would they sing about. Well, open your eyes now and listen to "Blackout", the first album by Black Time. Formed from the ashes of the Hotwires, The Action Time and The Quickies, Black Time retain the angry lyrics and the raw sound that characterised the previous bands.

"This is the heavy vampire sounds. Fuck and Rage…" reads a quote on the back cover of the album (which comes only in one format - the coolest pure heavy vinyl), and who can contradict them when the album opens with the avalanche of guitars that is "First Strike"? More pure rock follows with "Black Time Pt.1" and "Catholic Discipline", though the best track of the A-side is the sonic "Shadow". Those of you who won't have died (from exhaustion from pogoing) at the end of part one of the album will be rewarded by more raw guitars, drums and crazy vocals (check "Mass Production of Corpses") and with the best tracks of the album "White Heat Returned" and "Safe in Heaven Dead".

While listening to Blackout you'll constantly have the impression that at the end of the record you might want to go out, organise a massive revolution and change whatever sucks in this world once and forever. Well, if you ever decide to really do it, just get in contact with the Black Time, they might be interested in being the soundtrack for your revolt.

{Note for fans: you might be able to catch the Black Time in London during The Rhythm Hive Club, the Artrocker and The Whoopee Club nights. They also publish the fanzines Fun In The UK, Lost in The Supermarket and Killer 45. For further info on Black Time email}

Issue 22, April 2004

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