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TonyDoug's CD Review: Calamateur, Son of Everyone EP

by tonydoug wright

Calamateur, Son of Everyone EP (Autoclave Records, 2003)

THE BAND: Andrew Howie (Instruments and Vocals)

THE HISTORY: Calamateur is just one artist and his name is Andrew Howie. Calamateur has released White Light Unknown/Inhabit 7", Autocity EP (mini CD) and the Internet mp3 album Tiny Pushes Vol. 1 (How to be Childlike). Currently, Calamateur is working on a full-length album titled The Old Fox of '45. Andrew Howie is also a member of Oldsolar, a Glasgow dreamcore band.

THE REVIEW: A bunch of laid-back acoustic tunes with a mild blend of electronica is the best way to describe Calamateur's Son of Everyone EP. Tracks such as 'Talitha K', 'Reply All' and 'This Silence' are good, but they are easily forgettable due to the slow and repetitive sound of the EP. The Son of Everyone EP opens with 'Son of Everyone', a song that can be grouped into the inspirational genre because of its quasi-Christian lyrics. From there the EP goes into an "auto-pilot" mode with nothing up-tempo to break up the monotony. Andrew Howie's soothing voice is nice and the EP does have moments of potential brilliance.


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