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Entre Ržos, Idioma Suave and Sal

reviewed by dave heaton

The first second or two of Entre Ržos' debut album Idioma Suave is taken up by singer Isol's breathtaking voice standing alone - a couple seconds later it is supported by electronics that are filled with warm and soft atmosphere. That's a most appropriate way to introduce Entre Ržos' music, as its two most immediately striking features are Isol's lovely singing voice and the way the group's electronic pop sound overwhelms you with both mood and melody.

A trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina consisting of a singer, a songwriter, and a music programmer, Entre Ržos create stylish music that floats you into its dreamworld. The group has released two albums so far, first on Elefant Records in Spain and then again on Darla Records here in the US (with bonus tracks), and has two more albums coming out later this year. Bring them on, I say, as both of the first two - 2002's Idioma Suave and 2003's Sal - are lovely affairs, featuring melodies to cherish and soundscapes to bathe in.

Idioma Suave is a low-key work of electro-pop that slowly casts a net around you. Programmer Gabriel Lucena's beats and textures are thick and soulful in places, but mostly walk with light footsteps, gently leading listeners into the sensual but not insubstantial melodies that SebastŪan Carreras writes and Isol sings.

Where Idioma Suave opens with Isol's voice and then the music, the group's second album Sal opens with layers of electronics and then brings in the singing. Again, it's appropriate, as Sal offers much more dynamic and varied musical tracks. It veers closer to dance-club territory than the relatively sedate debut, without clouding over the melodies and vocals, both of which are as gorgeous as you can imagine. Indeed, everything enticing about Idioma Suave here sounds even better - this is what's supposed to happen with a group, they mature with each album. If that remains true, I can't wait to hear what else Entre Ržos has in store for music lovers. For while Idioma Suave and Sal are both fantastic, they also both suggest musicians who see the possible places pop and electronic musics can go in the future when they're successfully combined.

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Issue 20, February 2004

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