erasing clouds

Forget About Love: A novella in twenty-four parts

By Jeffrey S. Carter

Part Three: The Uncle(I)

Fourteen Candid Answers I Have Never Given to Interview Questions,
Some of Which Have Never Been Asked

1. You will never, ever understand what it is about. No written account of what it is about even comes close to revealing the hidden heart of it. Everything I have ever heard said about it, every piece I have ever heard read about it, is wrong. People who say they love it understand it even less than those who hate it.

2. It's obviously not because she was the best actress, or the prettiest girl, or because she had something on screen that a million other people do not have. I had an opportunity to capture her forever. I wanted to say that you will love her. You will love her because of who she is.

3. That never happened. I know she has told that story so much that it has become legend. I know other people confirm it. I know I laugh and embellish when I am present and she is in the telling of it. I am telling you right now that never happened. We are participating in her delusion because we will not reveal her as a liar in front of the likes of you.

4. I would say that if you are not willing to act as if God himself descended from heaven for the sole purpose of shitting you from his eternal asshole, you will never, ever go anywhere in this business.

5. Fifty-seven.

6. There's no "who," only what. Drugs.

7. No. Because my window has passed. Everyone who gets a shot has a five, maybe ten year window to do something relevant. Now I am just whoring out the good will and peddling the blood and hoping no one notices.

8. It's an insipid piece of garbage that isn't worth watching even if you're high.

9. Because she asked me too.

10. With Lysteria, I became addicted to the emotional scarring. With Sheila, I became dependant on her dependancy. With Andrea, I was hooked by the incredible head.

11. The first one was a heart attack, the second one was cancer. I don't think anyone likes Paris that much.

12. Because he and my daughter were involved, and it was interfering with his work.

13. Because I am the only one who recognizes that he has his fingers on the pulse of God.

14. The last time I saw her she had those tubes that were invading her nose all wrapped around her bony, translucent hand like kite string and her eyes were saying wordlessly I swear to God Franklin if you don't do it, I will, I swear to God. Franklin, if you don't do it, I will, I swear. If you don't, I swear to God, I swear to God, if you don't, I will do it if you don't.

To be continued

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