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2005 NYC Fashion Week

by kristina weise

Baby Phat

On February 5th Skylight Studios hosted the 2005 Baby Phat fashion show where Paula Abdul and Lil' Kim (right) were just a few of the fabulous in attendance. The line was sultry, seductive and sexy- all the traits one would expect from creative director Kimora Lee Simmons. Scantily dressed models worked the runway in tight tops, top hats, short skirts and suits that would have the office buzzing.

The line exuded confidence while presenting fine couture. Baby Phat not only can be seen on the runway, but in music videos, concerts and worn by celebs such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Eve (to name a few). It is clear that Simmons' experience as a model and hip-hop socialite has helped to propel Baby Phat into one of the most sought-after clothing lines for young, energetic and fashion-conscious clientele

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Luca Orlandi

Flirty, functional, feminine. Just a few words that come to mind when describing Luca Orlandi's 2005 collection. On February 6th, the Milan-born designer opened New York City's eyes to his vision of high quality couture. It was obvious that Luca viewed the runway as his canvas where his color palette ranged from deep maroons, reds and grays to eye-popping purple. Luca's pouffy skirts were perfectly balanced with elegance and exuberance complimented by flat, round-tipped shoes.

Sleeveless dresses were just one of the many trends that were seen throughout Fashion Week. Luca's purple satin dress, an absolute showstopper, was accented with a ruby red belt, brown leather jacket and chunky necklace. Another outfit not to miss was Luca's fiery red skirt topped with a seemingly innocent lavender top with ruffled collar. Luca used appropriate shades for the month that hosts the Hallmark-holiday of love.

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Betsey Johnson

New York designer Betsey Johnson has done it again. On February 7th at the Plaza in Bryant Park, Betsey presented what can only be described as a whimsical playground featuring a plethora of hues, vivaciousness and versatility. Betsey Johnson's one-of-a-kind vision continues to astound in 2005 with her runway resembling a British Pub. The show began with free Guinness on all the Front Row tables and girls dressed in waitress outfits introduced her luscious line.

What transpired was a catechism of creativity featuring funky dresses, ruffled skirts, frilly tops and Goldy Lox inspired hair. Betsey spent one year at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, eventually graduating from Syracuse University in 1964. This sixty-four year old designer shows no signs of abandoning her adolescent outlook. Betsey Johnson embraces the constituent elements of today's need for inspiration and originality with her shows moving towards uncharted fashion territory while always maintaining her signature funkiness and integrity. She presents an incessant, chaotic commotion of color and creativity ripped forth from the ingenuity of her dreams.

At the end of the show Betsey was one of the few designers to not only embrace the catwalk, but cartwheel down it. Betsey Johnson's clothes truly are a celebration of the soul.

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{All photos by Evan Sung,}.

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