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Landing Gear, Break-Up Songs for Relationships That Never Happened
(Catlick Records, 2004)

The Band: Jon Hunt (Multi-Instrumentalist), Jay Hurley (Vocals and Guitars), Robbie Robello (Bass), David West (Drums), and Mykl Westbrooks (Guitars).

The History: Jay Hurley, Mykl Westbrooks, Robbie Robello and David West formed Landing Gear in 1998. An untitled five song CD was released in 2000 and "Atmosphere", one of the tracks, was featured on the WB show Roswell. Landing Gear then spent the next four years working on songs for their current album Break-Up Songs For Relationships That Never Happened.

The Review: Landing Gear's Break-Up Songs… CD has some tracks that reflects the sound of 80s pop while the remaining tracks are reminiscent of early/mid 90s alternative rock. OK, so some of you reading this article may be thinking "Gee, what a great description. Do you have any more music wisdom to share with us, Mr. Vague"? Save that sass for someone else. Break Up Songs… opens with "Supercrash", an upbeat number that has an alternative rock sound circa 1994 that is followed by the [enter your favorite British 80s pop band here] influenced pop track "Surprise, Surprise". The first two songs are good but "Columbus, OH", the album's third track, is a solid effort that gives off a warm a fuzzy 70s A.M. radio vibe. The remainder of the album is decent and is worth checking out.

What My Indie-Rock-Hating Boss Thinks About This CD: (With an agitated look on his face) "Why are we listening to this"?

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The Pine Club, The Pine Club (Debauchery Records, 2004)

The Band: Brian Gray (Guitar & Vocals), Bradley Coomes (Bass, Percussion & Backing Vocals), and Brad White (Drums & Backing Vocals).

The History: This rock 'n' roll trio hails from Louisville, KY. In 2003, The Pine Club released an EP in 2003 titled God Bless The Pine Club. In 2004 they released their full-length album The Pine Club, which earned the group a great deal of success in the Louisville area.

The Review: First off, it appears that The Pine Club is a bunch of Guided By Voices freaks. How do I know that? The name of the band is The Pine Club plus they released an EP titled God Bless The Pine Club, which is printed in the liner notes of the classic Guided By Voices album Alien Lanes. The real Pine Club is a high-priced restaurant located outside of Dayton, OH that is known for their steaks. OK, I'm getting off track and the review is turning into an article about Guided By Voices and where to eat in Dayton, OH.

The Pine Club's eponymous album is a little bit of The Rolling Stones mixed with some Sloan. It seems that the boys in the band have had a good rock education because it shows in their songs. "Boxing Day", one of the strongest tracks on The Pine Club, blends British Invasion harmonies with a slowed down 70s punk chord progression. The Pine Club taps into the spirit of 70s power pop on the opening track "100 Times" and they flirt a little bit with glam rock on "What We Do". Please note that it took a great deal of restraint to not compare The Pine Club's album with steak cooking techniques because I could have written: "The Pine Club serves up an album that is well done".

What My Indie-Rock-Hating Boss Thinks About This CD: "They have good steaks at The Pine Club".


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