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Math and Physics Club, Baby I’m Yours

reviewed by dave heaton

Kudos to Seattle’s Math and Physics Club for continuing to put out EPs that share no songs with their album, yet are just as good. Their third EP Baby I’m Yours stands strongly with the first two, and the group’s self-titled debut album, as an example of pop songwriting that presses all the right buttons, in terms of melody, wit and emotion. Baby I’m Yours has four charming songs – a little romantic, a little melancholy – that flow style-wise naturally from their outstanding debut LP. There’s a touch of the Smiths to “Nothing Really Happened”’s vocals and melody, but that’s far from a bad thing. The title track is catchy and sweet, a portrait of love’s power over common sense. It’s as attractive as a single should be, though truthfully any of these 4 songs could be considered an A side in spirit. My favorite, the hit single in my mind, is “Do You Keep a Diary”. That’s also the one that’s most a “departure” for the band, due to its New Order-ish synth and drum machine base. I love that texture to it, but even better is the gorgeous melody itself. And the lyrics demonstrate one last time, as if we needed a reminder, that one sad little love song can be as complicated as the human heart.


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