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Bubblegum Lemonade, Susan’s in the Sky EP

review by dave heaton

Glasgow’s Bubblegum Lemonade plays their second EP much like the first: brisk, snappy guitar-pop songs, with an air of the ‘60s but also if the ‘60s via the ‘90s (Teenage Fanclub, Jesus and Mary Chain). Most notable among the four songs are the bookends. A-side “Susan’s in the Sky” is especially sweet and catchy, a summertime promise, a vision of sleeping under the stars. Nice too is how, at the EP’s end, Big Star’s “Holocaust”, one of the bleakest, most damning relationships songs, becomes a lazy-summer pop song. The focus is on the song’s great melody, above all else.

”Surfin’ USB” gets on my nerves a bit, mostly from a personal pet peeve against that tired old ‘surfing’ metaphor for Internet use. But that’s just one very small bum note from an otherwise stellar band.


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