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The Lucksmiths, “Get to Bed Birds” 7”

review by dave heaton

”Get to Bed Birds”, also on Matinee’s Grand Prix compilation, is such the perfect farewell song for the Lucksmiths, who called it quits last year. A detailed vignette of walking home late at night on New Year’s, it is rueful and versatile, capturing a specific scene vividly. That is the moment of transition between “a shit year” and one that stands ahead as a question mark, a silhouette of hope. The song fades elegantly, open.

The flip side of the 7” is the rare “The World of Professional Golf 1994”, another example of the way the Lucksmiths set nice melodies to little recognizable stories – in this case, another time of transition, waiting for someone who’s gone away. The song describes months spent not sleeping, watching sports on TV, “harboring hope and doubt in almost equal measure.”

Somehow in one quick motion this single commingles past, present and future, capturing the bittersweet anticipation of endings and beginnings.


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