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Strawberry Whiplash, Picture Perfect EP

review by dave heaton

Glasgow’s Strawberry Whiplash return with a new EP, and again they’re effortlessly doling out sweet, snappy pop songs with an occasional air of sadness with a happy-go-lucky demeanor. The title song wears the biggest smile, though as a love song it’s a fairly defensive one. The basic sentiment: I love you though you’re manipulating my heart. Lead vocalist Sandra’s confident singing convinces us she’s not just spinning a yarn while making the song still generally upbeat. There’s something about the melody to the second song, “Hay in a Needlestack”, that I like even better. I don’t follow the meaning behind the title metaphor completely, but as a play on words it sounds great, as do the guitars, her determined if downcast singing, and everything else about the song. Two more songs round things out, and they’re no worse: the both sullen and sunny “Celestial” and “Falling Through”, which turns the guitars up over the vocals to nice effect. A postcard to Strawberry Whiplash: Enjoying the EPs, looking forward to the album.


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