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table of contents | october 2004

interviews and features

King for Kerry: An Interview With Carole King by matthew webber

Monsters, Inc.'s Pete Docter: Telling Stories interview by matthew webber

Ziggy's Tom Wilson Jr.: Thinking Like a Greeting Card interview by matthew webber

Luann's Greg Evans: Thinking Like a Teenager interview by matthew webber

‘Unswooshing’ Nike, Becoming ‘Antipreneurs’ and Fighting for Media Democracy: Interview with Adbusters’ Kalle Lans by anna battista

Fox Trot's Bill Amend: Thinking Like a Math Geek interview by matthew webber

about film

Cinematic Pleasures: The Insider by j.d. lafrance

Friday Night Lights Almost Gets It Right review by matthew webber

Once Upon a Time, In the Woods: Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Films Tropical Malady and Blissfully Yours by dave heaton

Cinematic Pleasures: Hard Core Logo by j.d. lafrance

about music

Talib Kweli, The Beautiful Struggle reviewed by dave heaton

9 Music Reviews: Cub Country, Dreamend, DJ Krush, Jean Grae, IsWhat?!, Little Darla Has a Treat For You v. 22, Ovum: The Fall Collection, The Roots, Wolf Eyes by dave heaton

Melodic Scribes, Se Formo reviewed by ben rubenstein

Juliana Hatfield, In Exile Deo reviewed by j.d. lafrance

TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Human Hands, Remake Remodel by tonydoug wright

Preserve Volume One reviewed by dave heaton

5 CD Reviews: Camera Obscura, Graves, The Guild League, Manual & Syntaks, The Minders by dave heaton

Vote for Change: Springsteen, REM, and Political Discourse in the Music World by dan heaton

Moving in Stereo, Volume 9 music news column by darren paltrowitz

Trashcan Sinatras, Weightlifting reviewed by anna battista

Tony Doug's CD Review: Skooshny, Zoloto by tonydoug wright

Live Review: The Primary 5/Ally Kerr @ Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Scotland, 14th October 2004 by anna battista

10 CD Reviews: Blanket Music, Coastal, El Muniria, Jedi Mind Tricks, Lovejoy, Luna, The Organ, Outerspace, The Primary 5, Sister Flo by dave heaton, anna battista

about other things

Book Review: Joe Sacco's The Fixer by anna battista

Book Review: Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return by anna battista

Book Review: Jon Link and Mick Bunnage's Modern Toss by anna battista

Book Review: Zoe Strachan's Spin Cycle by anna battista

Book Review: The Knuckle End: An Anthology of Emerging Scottish Literary Talent edited by Adrian Searle by anna battista

Book Review: Ben Myers' John Lydon: The Sex Pistols, PiL & Anti-Celebrity by anna battista

Book Review: Gideon Sams' The Punk by anna battista

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