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table of contents | august 2003

interviews and features

Zebras of the Family: Interview with Trash Can Sinatras by anna battista

The Print Magazine Is Not Dead: A Celebration of the Best, Part One (including Q&A with editors of The Big Takeover, Cabinet, Elemental, Wax Poetics and The Wire) by dave heaton

Something Traditional + Something Modern = Saloon: An interview with Saloon by dougie robb

Hire a Future Pilot: Interview with Future Pilot AKA's Sushil K. Dade by anna battista

Bright Stars, Car Wrecks, Churches and an Imaginary Woody Guthrie: An Interview With Haley Bonar by dave heaton

The Sons of Nathanael Green: An Interview With Lookwell by tonydoug wright

Of dogs and men: Interview with Dan Rhodes by anna battista

Jamming with Alexander Zograf: Journey Through a Cartoonist's Art and Life by anna battista

about film

The Films of John Sayles by dan heaton

Cinematic Pleasures: My Own Private Idaho by j.d. lafrance

Cinematic Pleasures: Punchline by j.d. lafrance

Movie Reviews: Bruce Almighty, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Matrix: Reloaded, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines by jerry salisbury

Colorful, Flavorful Love: Down With Love by joseph palis

Seeing Nothing Means Seeing Everything: Dancer in the Dark by joseph palis

On DVD: American Mullet, Full Time Killer by dave heaton, j.d. lafrance

about music

Live Performance Reports:

Ryan Adams: Like a Firecracker Waiting to Blow (Battery Park, NYC, July 4) by matthew webber

Ari-up, The Kitchen, I Love Lucy: Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland, 22nd June 2003 by anna battista

Belle & Sebastian, Mull Historical Society and The Delgados: Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, 17th May 2003 by anna battista

The Pastels, Barbara Morgenstern, Mapstation, Buck 65, Fourtet, Future Pilot AKA, Manitoba, Murcof, Leaf, Eyoe & Teenage Fanclub/BMX Bandits: Lament @ Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 27th April 2003. by anna battista

Trash Can Sinatras: Brel Bar, Glasgow, Scotland, 22 May 2003 by anna battista

Reviews and Essays:

If Man is Five: A Look At the Pixies Catalogue by paul jaissle

The British are Coming!: A Look at the Latest Releases From the UK by john stacey

Jewel Gone Wild essay by matthew webber

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever to Tell reviewed by john wenzel

Guided By Voices, Earthquake Glue reviewed by dave heaton

The Pastels, The Last Great Wilderness by anna battista

TonyDoug's CD Reviews: 6 Minute Mile, Dark Little Rooms, Morning Spy, and Terminus Victor by tonydoug wright

Now It's On: A Look at Grandaddy's Sumday by paul jaissle

All's Liz Phair In Love and CD Reviewing review by matthew webber

First Prize Killers, The Powdery Parade by dave heaton

From Madonna to Math Rock In Four Easy Steps reviews by john stacey

Roman Evening, Tiny Ladies review by dave heaton

Hit List: Reviewing the Same Five Songs Every Hour by matthew webber

Tricksters for the Electronic Age: Flowchart by dave heaton

Poi Dog Pondering, In Seed Comes Fruit review by dave heaton

25 Reviews of Music: !!!, Alcove, And Academy, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Arkitekchur, Aspera, Sherry Austin, Beginner's Guide to Bollywood, The Black Keys, Blurred Images, Bonepony, Bottom of the Hudson, Branches and Routes, California Oranges, Clare, Colin Clary, The Clientele, Cosmic Rough Riders, The Cruzeros, Diana Darby, Daughter, Dead Meadow, DJ Ordeal, Early Day Miners, Elliott the Letter Ostrich by dave heaton, paul jaissle, john stacey, scott homewood, dougie robb, john wenzel, anna battista

25 More Reviews of Music: Eluvium, Emery Reel, Fairburn Royals, Ed Fingerling, For Against, Adam Forkner, Doug Gillard, Adam Green, Hidden Cameras, High Explosion, James William Hindle, Hitchcock's Regret, Claire Holley, Hotwires, Eugene Kelly, The Like Young, Little Darla Has a Treat For You, v20, The Long Weekend, The Lucksmiths, Magic Car, Matinee 50, Mayday, Scott McDonald Group, Mogwai, Mudville by dave heaton, scott homewood, anna battista, john stacey

28 More Reviews of Music: A Northern Chorus, PK Radiovista, The Potomac Accord, The Rain Band, Razorcuts, Jenny Reynolds, Saloon, Sekiden, Simpatico, Simply Saucer, The Slaughter Rule, Slipslide, The Snowdrops, Sonic Youth, Sportique, Kevin Stonerock, Styrofoam, Surface of Eceyon, Sweet Trip, Sweet William, The Swindles, T Minus Band, Toshack Highway/Sianspheric, Vibon 2, Josh Wink Steve Winwood, The Youngbloods , Young Antiques by dave heaton, scott homewood, john wenzel, dougie robb, john stacey

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Book Reviews: Niall Griffiths, Stephen Jones, Mikael Niemi, Dan Rhodes, Marjane Satrapi, Ali Smith by anna battista

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