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by tony doug wright

Virtual Infinity Comics Presents: Intermezzo , Mike Sullivan (Virtual Infinity Comics)

Intermezzo was written, drawn and completely self-produced by a long-time comic book fan named Mike Sullivan. His work is centered around one Corey O'Brien, a rock-star, soon-to-be college student, and superhero member of the Infinity Five. Intermezzo follows Corey during a trip to a small Kansas college where he attempts to leave his hectic life behind by hanging out with friends and fellow students.

But nothing can be normal in Corey's life. During his visit he meets up with a close friend named Lynn and the lovely duo of Jenn and Candy. The four co-eds attend a party where Corey comes face to face with a satanic beast that was summoned by one of Corey's albums. Corey makes the decision to step out of his anonymity and assumes the role of Infinity Five demon fighter.

The plot may sound like a bad "B" horror film but Sullivan has a good story with Intermezzo. All of the characters are likeable and the script is not filled with generic or clichéd dialogue. Sullivan's artwork reminds me of the comics of the 1970's and 1980's, much different than some of the over-drawn and over-exaggerated characters that we see in some modern comics.

Intermezzo begins in the middle of the Corey O'Brien saga (hence the title of the comic). The story does not give a great deal of background information on Corey or the Infinity Five. None of the other Infinity Five members are mentioned and there does not seem to be a main villain. Perhaps Sullivan is saving all of this information for future issues. Overall, Intermezzo is an enjoyable debut comic book by Mike Sullivan.

Issue 23, May 2004

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