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TonyDoug's CD Reviews: Major, Breaking Laces

by tonydoug wright

Major, The Bliss Domestic (Laughing Outlaw, 2004)

THE BAND: Simon Bates, Danny Murphy, Jarrod Murphy and Miles Nicholas

THE HISTORY: It was sometime during 2000 when Danny and Jarrod Murphy formed Major in Sydney, Australia. The band later released two EP's titled Innerwestern and The Summer EP. Although Major has done well in Australia, they have had additional success in Japan.

THE REVIEW: After listening to The Bliss Domestic I completely understand why Major is so damn popular in Australia and Japan. I was halfway through the album and noticed that five of the seven songs that I had just listened to were absolutely fantastic. Bliss Domestic has great guitar-pop tracks such as the Jam influenced 'Smart Casual' and 'Choosing No. Five'. But then I began to wonder if there is a finer pop moment than the super swanky 'Big Deal'. I was wrong! The Bliss Domestic kicked out a sexy rocker titled 'Shake' and a Badfinger sounding number called 'All Of My Promises'. As the album winded down to an end, I found myself impressed with 'Circa Time' and 'Without Love'. The overall listening experience was great and 100% free of craptacular songs. Good job, Major.


Breaking Laces, Sohcahtoa (Sidewinder Records, 2003)

THE BAND: Willem Hartong (Guitar and Vocals), Rob Chojnacki (Bass) and Seth Masarsky (Drums).

THE HISTORY: The Breaking Laces saga begins with Willem Hartong, formerly of Charlie in the Box, moving from Boston to Brooklyn. Hartong soon met up with producer/engineer Chris Liberti and the duo began work on what was to be Sohcahtoa. Seth Masarsky and Rob Chojnacki were later added to the Breaking Laces line-up.

THE REVIEW: Some of you aspiring singer/songwriters need to sit down and listen to Breaking Laces' Sohcahtoa. Now I know that a few of you will say "Why? I have a CD with 12 songs about hanging out at the Piggly-Wiggly with my small-town Bible school buddies." That's great but nobody cares. Sohcahtoa is a CD that is beautiful, witty and downright addictive. Willem Hartong can sure get your feet moving to the grunge-poppy 'God in Training' and the environmentally friendly 'Global Warming Day'. But Willem can turn on the romantic charm with 'Megan', 'She Waits' and 'Plain Jane'. If you want a wonderful pop song then skip to track 3 for an incredibly beautiful tune called 'Going Away'. This review has made me feel warm and fuzzy, I think it is time for me to get a cup of my favorite International Coffees and relax. Uh, I mean it is time for me to crack open and beer and break stuff.


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