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TonyDoug's CD Review: Kalimoto, Multicore

by tonydoug wright

Kalimoto, Multicore (Souvenir Records, 2003)

THE BAND: Joe French (Vocals and Guitar), Al French (Guitars), Rob Grieve (Bass) and Mark Steele (Drums).

THE HISTORY: Kalimoto’s origins can be traced back to 1999 when Joe and Al French formed a two-piece acoustic band. Mark Steele and Rob Grieve were later added and the band took the name Hepburn. Unfortunately, Hepburn was a taken name so the band changed their name to Kalimoto. Souvenir Records, and independent US label, signed Kalimoto in 2003 and released Multicore, their debut album, that same year.

THE REVIEW: Multicore is definitely one of the best albums that I have reviewed for Erasing Clouds. Some of you might say, “Why is that?” or “Are they that good?” Absolutely. Kalimoto is not a band that spews out the overplayed pretty boy emo-mall-punk tunes. Their music is a fantastic blend of “dreamy” pop and rock that reminds me at times of Crowded House and Elvis Costello. Joe French is a superb vocalist and Multicore has more than its fair share of excellent songs such as ‘Sandstorm’, ‘Tuned Out’, ‘Miracle Lemon’ and ‘Everything Goes’. While those are great songs, I must admit that ‘Easy’ is the album’s standout track. Overall, this album is very impressive.


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